Assessment of patient injuries and figuring out whether they have a pre-existing medical condition is the first thing whenever paramedics reach any incident of an emergency. But what if the patient is unconscious and there is also the doubt of intoxication?

Coming across an unconscious patient or a patient in severe trauma is not a surprise for paramedics and healthcare workers in the emergency department. And if there is a suspicion that the patient has been drinking, measuring the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is probably the first thing to do. That is because mixing alcohol with medication might lead to serious health risks.

And even though a breath test is the fastest option to measure that, it can’t be performed in such a situation as the patient is unconscious. So, a blood alcohol test seems like the most viable option. However, the lab results for a blood alcohol test can take a few hours. This means, there is going to be a delay in offering proper medication to the patient.

But what if I tell you that you can get the results for the blood alcohol test within 25 seconds and start with the medication right away? Yes, that’s right, 25 seconds, and it is not a typo. Meet ALBIO, a blood alcohol level measuring device that is compact, reliable, and offers results in a matter of seconds.Albio meter

Now you might be wondering if these results are accurate or it’s just another device that offers fast results but with no accuracy. Well, then get ready for a surprise. Since Albio relies on blood for testing rather than breath, the blood ethanol value it gives is accurate. Based on lab testing and results, Albio tests are 90% accurate.

That means paramedics and emergency department (ED) staff will have a head start in offering the right treatment to patient. With Albio, they can start working immediately towards saving the patient’s life rather than waiting for the lab results or trying any medication without having all the facts in place.

How Does Albio Work?

Albio is a portable device that uses a disposable test strip to analyze blood alcohol levels among unconscious patients. To use it, you simply need to insert the test strip into the meter and apply the blood sample.

The strip automatically sucks the required amount of blood for testing (0.6 microliters) and beeps when the measurement is complete. After 25 seconds, the meter shows the result for the test that can also be saved in the device. Sounds easy enough? Because it actually is.

Albio biometer while doing a BAC test

Albio Features and Benefits

Now we know how to use Albio to measure blood alcohol, it’s time to look into what it offers. So here are a few advantages of Albio to make you rethink your current methods and choices for BAC testing.

Faster Diagnosis with High Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of Albio is offering results for blood alcohol concentration levels in a record time of 25 seconds. In comparison, a lab test for BAC might take a few hours. So, It is not just impressive, but it is lifesaving.

For instance, in situations where the patient is intoxicated & unconscious and proper treatment can’t be offered to avoid any reactions, Albio can help to save time and provide faster results to start the treatment.

Along with offering faster results, another important aspect of Albio is higher accuracy. Based on testing and analysis, Albio offers results with 90% accuracy. So, whenever you need to make a treatment decision that depends upon patient’s BAC level, you know you can rely on Albio.

Albio Meter


While cost might not be a major concern during life threatening situations, it is certainly a value addition that you get when you choose Albio. In comparison to lab tests for BAC, Albio uses disposable test strips for each test. That is way more economical and cost-effective.

Compact Size

Another strength of Albio is its compact size. It weighs 53g including the battery while the product dimensions are 54x93x16 mm. That makes it easy to carry in the field and the EDs. And it is not just about the size. Once fully charged, you can perform over 1000 tests with Albio. Meanwhile, it can save up to 960 results with the respective time and date of the test.

So, there is no worry of remembering all the test results or even carrying heavy portable lab equipment with you.

Albio meter with strips in kit

Perfect for Field Usage and Emergency Departments

Albio is fast, reliable, compact, and cost-effective. And considering the fact that over 45% of ED patients are under the influence, the use of Albio can help with offering the right treatment instantly to such patients. Moreover, paramedics can assess situation in a better way and have necessary details when the patient is brought to the emergency department.

Sounds like something that would be a great value addition to your existing resources? Or you would simply like to know more? Get in touch with our experts at and find out everything you need.