Our Story

The story of our company began in 2003, when the company gathered at the round table and started to come up with a suitable name for the company, which was to hint at future activities. This is how Bait Partner OÜ, the IT partner of Latvia, was born , a company that can create secure IT networks and solutions. It is to our great pleasure that three of the people who were at the time of its creation are still active in the company.

Today, looking deeply into our skills, we know that we have the expertise to create well-functioning and secure IT networks, and as an added value, we have extensive experience in putting IT together with audio-video solutions. work easier and faster.

In 2009, we registered the ORNet trademark for our own product family for medical AV and process management workflows.

Our partners and the manufacturer whose various AV and medical products we offer also play a major role in our success. We value their training, product quality, product support and on-time deliveries.

We have grown into an international company with customers in both the Baltics and the Nordic countries, and we want to help all customers create digitization solutions in the fields of AV and Medicine.

Our customers have encouraged us to grow by ordering larger and more complex solutions from us. Customer ideas are the ones that give rise to even more innovative and new technical solutions.

Find it Interesting, We are looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us via info@baitpartner.eu or visit the contact us page.

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