GDPR Statement According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679

This is a statement regarding the sales and marketing register kept by Bait Partner OÜ.

  1. Data controller
    Bait Partner OÜ
    Reg. nr 10973181
    Ehitajate tee 108
    12915, Tallinn, Estonia
    phone +372 6 808 900

We reserve the right to make changes in this statement by posting a new statement on this page.

  1. Name and target of register
    Bait Partner OÜ sales and marketing register. We only handle the data of customers and potential customer representatives of Bait Partner OÜ in our register.

The register is mainly needed to offer solutions and services, updates on products, critical information flow, invites to events, trainings, fairs and other potentially interesting information. Our intention is that you would be served with the most interesting, and latest, news in your particular area of interest, and that our product lines and solutions develop in line with your expectations, in order to offer you a better user experience.  We value your feedback and input, therefore we also use this register for marketing and product-related research and questionnaires.

We value your privacy and respectfully only try to send information that is of relevance to your employment, organization profile, training or interest which you have shared with us.

As a customer or a persona named in the agreement as a contact person, we add you into our register so that we can supply you with information necessary for the fulfillment of the agreement and to serve you accordingly. We hope that added value could arise from other solutions which we are promoting.

In all other cases, your personal data is processed only with your permission.

  1. Sources of information for the register

There may be several sources through which your data has appeared in our register.

Firstly, you personally shared your information with us at meetings, fairs, trainings, or on our websites (,,

Secondly, your information is publicly available on your employer’s website or publicly-controlled mediums (phonebooks, business area specific organization’s members list)

Another way is that your employer has shared your contact details with us, within the contract for developing new business together.

In case you’d wish to purchase our products or use our services, your personal information is needed in order for us to serve you. Without personal data we are unable to serve you to our full extent.

We also follow cookies on our website in order to offer you the most suitable information and improve user experience. You are able to limit the use of these cookies, however, please note that if you do limit them, then not all services will be available.

  1. Content of register data

Our register contains the following data:

  • Basic information: name, last name, company address, position, phone number, mobile phone number, skype, e-mail address
  • Company information: company name, contact data, registration and VAT numbers, business area, numbers of facilities related to our products and services and other public information if available
  • Product and service enquiries. Tenders and tender documents
  • Purchase orders
  • Information and contacts regarding invoicing procedures. Invoices, delivery notes, order confirmations
  • Agreements and purchase histories with product maintenance and warranty data
  • Customer training certificates, feedback forms, analysis on feedback results
  • Support and warranty case data
  • Communication with customers, if it is relevant, for fulfilling orders and agreements
  • Information regarding actions taken on websites and other electronic services
  • Registrations to trainings, seminars, etc.
  1. Data transfer

We at Bait Partner are committed to protecting data that we have at our disposal.  We do not transfer data to other processors or registrars.  Officials and government representatives who have the legal rights to contact us and request information, will be supplied with data according to the relevant laws and regulations.

We can provide invoicing information to appointed and certified third parties for performing electronic invoicing and banking procedures.

No information or parts of the register will be sent outside the EU.

  1. Maintenance and protection of the data in the register and retention times

All data in the registers of Bait Partner OÜ are considered confidential and access is only granted to employees whose jobs require the use of this data.  Employees having access to the data have an obligation of confidentiality. They have been properly trained and have signed documents to prove that they understand this obligation. There are procedures for data security and privacy policies that all employees are committed to.

Data is stored in our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. It is adequately protected physically in databases, behind firewalls, with passwords and other technical means of data protection.

Old and unnecessary data is destroyed in the manner suited for that type of data. We keep data and records only for the amount of time that the GDPRs require. We lave legal obligations to store some data, for example bookkeeping, or specific data referred to in our quality manual, for a longer period than the GDPR requirement.

We correct, at your request or from our own initiative, all incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated information.

  1. Rights of data owners

We process your data according to your consent and you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. This does not make all previous data processing illegal, but it prohibits future data processing in all other ways except those that are governed by law.

You have a right to prohibit us from using your data in our direct marketing activities. Please use the unsubscribe link in our newsletter to inform us of that decision.

You have a right to check your personal data which we store in our databases and receive copies of such records. These records only contain your data, not that of others. Such requests need to be submitted in written form, signed and addressed to our customer service department. We have the right to ask you to confirm your identity in case of such requests. If there are legal aspects that do not allow us to do so, we will inform you accordingly.

Bait Partner OÜ will answer all data requests within 30 days.

According to the law, you have the right to ask for a data transfer, the limitation of the use of your data, or the correction of your data. This will be completed without any unnecessary delay and in accordance with the law.

All requests with regards to your data and data processing are to be sent to:

Bait Partner OÜ
Data protection
Ehitajate tee 108, 12915, Tallinn, Estonia

Contact person for GDPR and DPO:
Inga Moreva

May 30th 2018, Tallinn