CellPath printers are the smallest cassette printers on the market, yet still provide all You can expect from any cassette large printer. They are silent, fast and print is very clear and durable.  As a new partner for CellPath in the Baltics and Finland, we are happy to provide an opportunity to get a demo directly from mr. Brendon Harrigan, Applications Manager at CellPath.









There will be 2 demo events on 02.05.2024, Thursday
Teams Demo  of PiSmart cassette printer 11.00-12.00
Just send us our e-mail to info@bait.ee  and we will send out and invite to you.

On-site demo of PiSmart cassette printer in Tallinn at 14.00, Ehitajate tee 108, Bait Partner offices.
Registration for on-site demo – e-mail to info@bait.ee

Naturally CellPath printers can be connected to existing ORNet Pathology solution.