A Low Power Consumption Computer
The CyberMed M12 is an extremely unique medical computer in that it can be powered over Ethernet ā€” also known as an 8P8C connector,
the traditional and most widespread network hardline cable. While this device can be powered through a traditional outlet,
the ability to power the device over an ethernet connection makes this device much more versatile.
In order to accomplish this, Cybernet uses low power consumption components and fanless cooling technology.
This not only saves on electricity, but cuts down on the amount of moving parts, thus extending the life of the advice.
The fanless technology allows the CyberMed M12 to go anywhere, including in the operating room while still maintaining the sterile field.
But the low power draw doesn’t mean this healthcare computer can’t get the job done.
The CyberMed M12 features a powerful Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor, up to 8GB of RAM, and stunning integrated Intel HD graphics
that accommodate modern healthcare applications.

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